Ayat & Inayat

Meraki Art House by Chandni Gulati has organised another group art exhibition titled “AYAT & INAYAT” . All the promising future artists are given an opportunity to enhance and showcase their talent to the mass.This will give the opportunity to present themselves and also learn a lot from the fellow artists…The artists are from different states and have their unique styles of portrayal through art. … Continue reading Ayat & Inayat

Phir Chhidi Baat Phoolon Ki

Solo show of artworks by contemporary Indian painter, SURBHI SONI ‘Phir Chhidi Baat Phoolon Ki’ ABOUT THE ARTIST Surbhi Soni is a contemporary Indian painter, hailing from Jaipur, whose art derives inspiration from nature, especially flowers. She firmly advocates the pursuit of inner joy through her abstract art. Through her flowers, Surbhi talks about the power of goodness which ties us all together, generation after generation. … Continue reading Phir Chhidi Baat Phoolon Ki


Soulmate, a rare exhibit bringing forth paintings by 20 art maestros from around the world in Delhi 20 artists, one gallery and a plethora of artworks derived from the very soul of the artist. Easel Stories presents ‘Soulmate’ a group show illustrating art as the reflection of the soul. Curated by Ms Renu Khera, the show opens on 1st June 2018 at Visual Arts Gallery, … Continue reading SOULMATE


Genesis – an art exhibition showcasing the immaculate artworks of Nawal Kishore Curated by Jyoti Kalra. Nawal Kishore, MFA from College of Art, Lucknow, is ordained to be an inimitable artist and has the splendid capability of creating entirely different epochs while depicting the most common subject matter. The approachable and easily witnessed surroundings influence his artistic vision. He is truly Indian in his depiction and is … Continue reading Genesis