We are an upcoming association with dream to promote aspirants working on subject called ‘ART the ORIGINAL’ and with ambition to introduce all our friends to concept known as ORIGINAL ART
There are things called ‘ORIGINAL’… People spend whole of their lives, when it comes to CREATING something NEW. Even the word NEW is not enough for those GOOD MARKS that people do. We just come to one category of those kind of people called, PAINTER ARTIST, they paint TRUTH & ORIGINAL.
In this particular field there are hundreds of great masters, hundreds of masters and many of them who are unknown master of the field, original in their own, space in their own field
ARTINFOINDIA.COM based in Gurgaon, managed by a team of artists and professionals. We provide advisory services in Art, Art Collection Management, Art Events & Exhibitions and Art Data Management

We also provide information on Art Events/Exhibitions, Awards/Scholarships in the field of art, Art Galleries, Auction Houses, Art Schools/Institutes, NGOs, Online Services/Websites, Art Publications/Books, Artists and Art News etc.