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ARTinfoINDIA.COM is an online initiative of entrenched and rolling Shanker Art Foundation housed in Gurugram with an objective of fostering a robust cultural art landscape. ARTinfoINDIA.COM is an initiative of Shanker Art Foundation, based in Gurgaon, managed by a team of artists and professionals.
We provide Advisory & Promotion services in Art Events & Exhibitions, Art, Art Collection Management, and Art Data Management. We also provide information on Art Events/Exhibitions, Art Galleries, Art Auction Houses, Art Schools/Institutes, Art NGOs, Art Online Services/Websites, Art Publications/Books and Art News etc. through our website

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Under this section we cater to our online visitors and readers with updated, factual and informative art based news especially about the events, which are happening in the art circle. We well maintain our archives of past shows and also the calendar of announcing the upcoming events. All one has to do is to keep us posted by sharing the events details for free, and we will accordingly upload on our website. It will bring in more visibility and allow having an online presence of the artists and the organisers.

If you would like to have your Art Event information on the home page of ARTinfoNDIA.COM, send a JPEG image of Invitation, Poster etc. between 400KB and 2MB to artinfoindia.com@gmail.com with details like : 
Title of the Art Event
About the Art Event / Curator Note / Press Release
Participating Artist/s
Start Date
End Date

& Timings for visitors
Venue with complete address

In the subject line please write “Art Event Information”. Please submit images and text file only - NO PDF files, Promotional Materials, or other items.

This if free of any charges

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Shankar Art Foundation’s mission remains unaltered, to enrich the lives of the community through organising art exhibitions

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Book – ‘Artists of India’ Modern and Contemporary

‘Artists of India, Modern and Contemporary Art’. We hardly found any such book or limited segments being available, but then it should be of interest equally for art enthusiasts, researchers or patrons. We intended it especially for a knowledgeable reading and reference material for the students pursuing art and moderately priced too.

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Book - Philosophy of Life

The universal understanding of the spiritual thoughts is must for maintaining the peace, prosperity, happiness, and harmony among the people. Above all spiritual love for peace prosperity and harmony. Love leads an individual to the positive acts and hatred leads to the negative acts. One must have spiritual love for the people to have the peace and harmony. This is what I tried to explain in this treatise.

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ARTinfoINDIA.COM geared up with in-depth knowledge of modern and contemporary art, as well as an interest in curating exhibition; sell the artwork of renowned, acclaimed, great masters and upcoming artists through both online and offline visual gallery featuring numerous art options. Over the years, have had opportunities to showcase work in a range of styles, including abstract, landscape, cityscape, figurative art, impressionism, expressionism, street art, minimalism, sculptures and installation art.

Directory-Art Organizations'

Directory – Art Organizations is a rich resource of information on varied Art pillars be it centres, Art Galleries, Art School & Institute, Government Art Organizations, Art NGOs, Museums, Hobby Centres etc.