GENESIS – 17 is an exposition by 19 artists in a manner that traces a timeline of developments in style, themes and schools of what has emerged today as Indian contemporary art, in their visual languages as paintings, sculptures, photographs, and mix media. The participating artists include- Mr. Aman Anand, Ms. Anita Goyal, Mr. Jagnnath Basu, Ms. Kakoli Sikder, Mr. Mahesh Kumar, Ms. Manju Subberwal, … Continue reading Genesis-17


An exhibition space tends to revolve around a figure – the gallerist. This exhibition attempts to push the boundaries of such a definition, by reverting the notion of the curator as a sole individual. In this instance, the personal connection between the founders of PHOTOINK and GALLERYSKE extends into a collegial exploration of mediums. Through a conscious collaboration, the dynamic collection of PHOTOINK is introduced … Continue reading PHOTOINK at GALLERYSKE