Soulmate, a rare exhibit bringing forth paintings by 20 art maestros from around the world in Delhi 20 artists, one gallery and a plethora of artworks derived from the very soul of the artist. Easel Stories presents ‘Soulmate’ a group show illustrating art as the reflection of the soul. Curated by Ms Renu Khera, the show opens on 1st June 2018 at Visual Arts Gallery, … Continue reading SOULMATE

Kalabimb ’18

Finetouch has this time endeavored to present an exhibition of Indian Contemporary Art, fusing together some of the finest works from well established artists with a range from the most promising talent across the country. We wish to serve the audience a visual bonanza celebrating the power of our visual idioms. KALABIMB-18 is an exposition by 20 artists in a manner that traces a timeline … Continue reading Kalabimb ’18