Book-Philosophy of Life

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By: Roop Chand (Author) | Publisher: Shanker Art Foundation | Released: 21 January 2019 | ISBN-9788193970706 | Paper Back | 168 Pages | 148 x 210 mm |  

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In Philosophy of life, I elucidate every aspect of human life. How the human mind functions in the various kind of people. Some people are involved negatively in evil deeds and some positively in the virtuous deeds. The different people have the different purpose of life. The human being as collective and individual come in the conflict with each other. The causes of the evils throughout the ages had been the greed arrogance and the lust for power. The warfare and the conflicts affect the life of the public largely. The main purpose of life of most of the human beings is peace prosperity and happiness. The conflicts between the radical sectarian thoughts disturb the harmony among the common people. Some time it leads to the bloodshed. Sometime the conflict between the rulers and the public disturb the peace among the masses. The universal understanding of the spiritual thoughts is must for maintaining the peace, prosperity, happiness, and harmony among the people. It is necessary for every individual to have self-confidence, faith, and above all spiritual love for peace prosperity and harmony. Love leads an individual to the positive acts and hatred leads to the negative acts. One must have spiritual love for the people to have the peace and harmony. This is what I tried to explain in this treatise.

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