CAP – 2012 (Contemporary Art Petals)

CAP-2012 (Contemporary Art Petals) An Art Exhibition of Paintings, Photographs & Photo-Graphics by Amita Gupta, Balwinder Tanwar, Kishore Shanker, Neeraj Sharma, Nirmal Thakur and Simret Jandu at LOKAYATA – Mulk Raj Anand Centre, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi on February 26, 2012 at 06:00 pmAn interactive evening at Lokayata: ARTINFOINDIA.COM founded by Mr. Kishore Chawla and Mr. Neeraj as the supporting pillar organized a show CAP-2012 (contemporary art petals) at Lokayata – Mulk Raj Anand Centre, which is located right at the threshold of the Hauz khas village, a rolling pivot of art and ethnicity of New Delhi. The show was inaugurated by Mrs Archana Singh and graced by the presence of Sh.. Roop Chand, a personality marked by the sensitivity of his art, his aptitude to appreciate art works and the supremacy of his intention to promote art forms. His learned words of experience and wisdom in a short speech resounded in the hearts of one and all. The exhibition showcased the works of six artists. The works created through a diversity of mediums – pen, watercolors, oil colors, acrylic colors and photo-graphics, amazingly presented a whole, highlighting the idea of ‘emancipation’. The exhibition marked the universality of the thought and desire of the escaping liberty of mind and soul because of the body caught in the social system and routines. The audience and the onlookers stood in front of the works and intermingled with artists, and their impressions and expressions in the interaction took the artists to one step higher level of thought, discerning and even learning. The warmth of chai/coffee and garam pakoras added to the cozy tingling feel of every mind and heart…..An amazing amazingly inter-active evening of exchange of thought, emotion and more…

Simret Singh

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