The Chandigarh Lalit Kala Academy continuing with number play heralded the start of workshop of 19 artist at the CKLA Open Hand Art Studio at the Le Corbusier centre, Sector 19, Chandigarh on 19th of November, 2019.

The three day workshop had artist from Chandigarh and various other places converge on the front lawn of the centre providing an ideal setting for the artist work.

The artist’s canvas brought forth varied moods and array of themes. The serene setting of the environ sets nature as a muse for the artwork of Ram Vrinjan and Ashwani Verma. Ram Vrinjan’s composition ‘Man and nature’ with figures juxtaposed among flora and fauna, the vibrant hues of red and blue balanced with flecks of white and daubs of yellow. Ashwani’s peacock and female figures crane upwards, caught between the myriad of colour blocks.

Sadhana’s birds perched on the boulders take in the the sound of cascading waterfall. The symphony of sound seems to resonate in this rhapsody in lilac, the artist in tune with nature, synchs colours and composition at a higher plane in her art work. ‘Love and peace’ by Vinay Vadhera has an overall feel of spirited lightness. The figure embracing a heart floats among the clouds and the doves of peace with an air of harmony.

Paper boats make their way on placid waters of Sanjay Jathar canvas, their aerial view give a three dimensional aspect to the composition providing an interesting interplay of spaces . Giving rise to flight of fancy, the paper boat and paper planes create a vivid imagery to depict the minds of the headless figures of Anand Shende’s canvas. The muted pastel colours create a sublime effect.

Two staid bright coloured women with dog alongside, glance through a detailed pattern frame ,the dark night depicted with crescent moon and an owl in Daphys ‘Bonnie, Amrit and Layla’. The city Chandigarh seems to enrapture Balwinder, the commotion and chaos of traffic and waves of technology engulf the sparrow fountain anchored as wind wane. The bright complimentary flat colours add a certain vibrancy in the painting. ‘Where trust is alive’ by Anup, the deer darts forth providing a diagonal movement ,while a flight of birds takes off in the other direction ,the staid monolithic human construction juts upward , posing a question to mankind .Nakshadeep brings in the winter setting with a snowy landscape of a quiet hamlet.

Tanja ushers in a freshness of form and colour in her composition. The artists have all created pieces of art worth a visit to the centre.

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