Artistic expression is a continuous journey, with the tracks full of endless feelings, hundreds of ideas and millions of expressions, maze of reactions to the surroundings- the new reality and  myriad ways to vent out! Everything reflects a clear or ambiguous thought process. One can see the elements, which appeal to the mind’s eye and even the ones which repulse; positive as well as negative aspects.  A viewer will identify with it in his own way and experiences. Shanker Art Foundation is organizing an Art exhibition- CREATIONS & EXPRESSIONS OF LOCKDOWN from 27th July to 30th September, 2020. It includes more than 300 works of 109 artists. The exhibition is a feast for the eyes which includes not only senior but also upcoming artists. There is a huge contrast in the themes of the paintings. On one hand there is traditional Mysore art and on the other hand, contemporary, digital and experimental. Intricacies of the techniques and a play of accidental are going hand in hand. In itself, this exhibition is a unified whole displaying themes from Upnishads; religion and calligraphy; creative compositions with Covid themes; fettered hands and feet reflecting togetherness in lockdown; moon and landscapes; rural life with people and animals; still life; woman’s head in clay; mask installed over a skull;  and splashes of colours.

This exhibition is a compilation of bitter and sweet realities, realizations and explorations. Shanker Art Foundation has set a certain time for the exhibition but is planning to hold it for as long as possible on the website. Hope you enjoy this visual fusion of the sensuous and the intellectual on the site of ARTinfoINDIA.COM

Dr Alka Chadha Harpalani
Artist/Writer, Bangalore

Alka Chadha Harpalani

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