Meraki Art House by Chandni Gulati has organised another group art exhibition titled “QURBAT” . All the promising future artists are given an opportunity to enhance and showcase their talent to the mass.This will give the opportunity to present themselves and also learn a lot from the fellow artists…The artists are from different states and have their unique styles of portrayal through art. Works of … Continue reading QURBAT

Raag Basant

Another name of colour is Spring; “Basant”. Spring brings along a torrent of insanity, sprouting latent minds along its way and surging a youthful desire everywhere. Indulged in sheer ecstasy, nature seems to wrap itself in melodies of joy, driving all towards an extreme and boundless pleasure through its harmony. “Raag Basant” with all its opulence, has set the stage here for our Artists to … Continue reading Raag Basant