Revisiting Beauty

Is Beauty a bad word in the age of cutting edge, angst ridden art work? Why are we shy to label a work beautiful? While beauty itself may not have changed, the lens of viewing it has. It is this swapping of lens that leads to an interesting revisiting of Beauty. The ten contemporary artists from India and Pakistan, whose practice is rooted in the … Continue reading Revisiting Beauty

Indrapramit Roy / Sebastian Varghese

Indrapramit Roy Mezzaterra is an imagined territory, an idea, but a very real and pervasive one, where echoes and reflections add depth and perspective, where identities are malleable and overlapping and not clear cut and well defined, where binaries are not the only defining theme. The rewards of inhabiting the mezzaterra are enormous because it is teeming with possibilities. It endows each thing with ‘a … Continue reading Indrapramit Roy / Sebastian Varghese

Recent works by Vinod Daroz

Vinod Daroz plays with a combination of skill, form and glaze to give an individual identity to sculptural forms rooted in symbolic references. All works are wheel thrown and altered stoneware fired at 1300°C, built up in layers prior to firing  to create textural surfaces, with metal oxides to provide a distinctive ornamental veneer .He has developed a palette of glazes suitable to his sensibilities.  His inspiration comes from … Continue reading Recent works by Vinod Daroz