We take great pleasure to inform you that Visual Impact and Expressions has endeavored to present an exhibition of Indian Contemporary Art, fusing together various art forms and artists from across the country under one roof. Rang-E-Aabshaar (Waterfall of colours) is conceptualized by  Neeraj Sharma (Photographer) and Rashmi Jain (Artist). With their artistic bends of mind, they make an attempt to create a mood and … Continue reading Rang-E-Aabshaar


GENESIS – 17 is an exposition by 19 artists in a manner that traces a timeline of developments in style, themes and schools of what has emerged today as Indian contemporary art, in their visual languages as paintings, sculptures, photographs, and mix media. The participating artists include- Mr. Aman Anand, Ms. Anita Goyal, Mr. Jagnnath Basu, Ms. Kakoli Sikder, Mr. Mahesh Kumar, Ms. Manju Subberwal, … Continue reading Genesis-17