Art Jaipur 2017

Art Jaipur is a mix of traditional, contemporary and digital art embodying the spirit of Jaipur where the past is preserved and cherished as much as the future is anticipated. Art Jaipur consists of three major categories – Exhibitions, Talks, and Commissions.

The Fair caters to myriad artistic categories and the artistic taste of a wide cross-section of the society. The Fair has its contemporary and modern art sections as well as its authentic Miniatures and Pichwais. It is going to showcase avant-garde digital art installations and the older art prints like oleographs, lithographs, etc.

Many eminent artists such as R. B. Bhaskaran, Gopal Khetanchi, Shail Choyal, Nathulal Verma, Vidhyasagar Upadhaya, Vinay Sharma and Ramu Ramdev would be gracing the Fair in person or through their works. Renowned Artists like Douglas John, Radha Binod Sharma, Bhim Singh Hada, Madan Singh Rathore, Kalyan Joshi, Jagmohan Marothia, Lalchand Mathodia, D.V. Muruggan, Kishore Singh, Samdar Singh Khangarot, Yusuf, Surendra Joshi, Veerbala Bhavsar and Asif Zaman would also be attending the Fair and showcasing their works. The young and upcoming artists like Manish Sharma, Lakhan Singh, Gourishankar Soni, L.N. Naga, Sohan Jakhar, Amit Kalla, Hansraj Kumawat, Ravi Michael, etc will also be present besides many other young artists, curators and collectors. The Fair enjoys the blessings of not only the prominent personalities from the world of art but is also the support and enthusiasm of young and budding artists, as it aims at providing a platform to new talent to foster their artistic pursuits. They get a chance to showcase their works as well as they explore and enhance their capabilities.

The target audience for the Fair is a mix of young collectors and art patrons in the age range of 25-45 years. The dates of the Fair have been chosen to coincide with the ending of the Pushkar Fair to attract more footfalls. Art Jaipur would be promoted via print media, FM channel, social networks, out-door branding, etc.

You can know more about the Fair through our weblink:
ph: +91-95889-80165


Banner Art Jaipur
ART JAIPUR, November 2-5, 2017 at Jaipur Exhibition & Convention Centre, Jaipur For detailed information please visit :

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