MinD-2013 Modernist in Demand

The idea of emancipation has been the greatest desire and search of human mind / life since his existence. It has been a vivid desire of man, and so, a vivid theme of all art and artists of all eras.

The present exhibition also revolves around the idea of natural, social or emotional limitations of human mind and social living; and the desire to go beyond to attain liberation.

The works highlight the limitations of space, time and mind and socio-cultural truths depict the natural or man-made limitations of mind and society; and put forward the desire of moving beyond these bars to a state of liberation- where happiness is a possible state of being.

It is amazing to discern the similarity of direction of thought of all artists, coming from diverse milieus, diverse backgrounds and professions

The process of art involves, as much the idea of the search and discovery and making of the self, as of the outer world…

2013 August 13-17

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