Uchaan presenting a group art exhibition of Artistagram 2019

Artistagram is an initiative of UCHAAN an art institution that has established itself as a nurturing ground for art and artists. This would be the 3rd Annual event of Uchaan of such a magnitude, which will showcase the works and creations of many visual artistes including painters, sculptors, photographers and graphic artistes.

As the name suggests  Artistagram is a, folder of art wherein a variety of art work is assembled, coming from a range of artists who work on different mediums. No two artists are alike. Some show their creativity with line and dimensions while others play with hues  similarly some artists make innovation with perception.  At times the artists find inspiration in human beings at other times in nature or surroundings. There are others who completely depend on their imagination that vary from galaxy to God, experimenting with traditional and modern art concepts and tools. The curator in this exhibition puts to display these master pieces in a carefully crafted array so as to bring in completeness as if describing a story a flow of art depicting an array of all human emotions one may find in a small habitation. The thoughts of old and young the hope of future the memories of the past. The words of yesterday and the coming tomorrow from the eyes of the artists.

Artistagram brings to you a bouquet of artists from a vast variety wherein we have Amit Srivastava an IIT-Delhi alumnus pursuing Art full-time out of sheer passion. His work is a synthesis of keen, careful observation and classical painting techniques, stemming from his belief that when you pay enough attention to something, it opens up to you. Figurative works are his forte and he likes to experiment with his style as he moves on to becoming more narrative in his artwork.
The exhibition is showcasing contemporary Indian artists who are experimenting with new art forms in their own way. Some of them have expressed their thoughts in abstract forms and some are directly inspired by nature and real world. The source of thought process may be anything but significant forms created by the artists on their canvas in meaningful manner results in a magnum opus and makes a collection worthy to be presented in a show for appreciation and right kind of staging.

Participating artists Anita Malik, Ritu Kwatra, Prasanta Khatua, Sunita Aggarwal, Smita Jain, Amit Srivastava, Preeti Kodesia, Alisha Thakur, Arushi Gulati, Gouri Seth, Babita Katotch, Pooja Aggarwal, Soumik Nag, Deepak Bajaj,  Akshay Verma, Zakir Hussain Tanha, Karuna, Bharti Arya, Satvik Sharma, Dr. Shahed Pasha, Sanjay Chakraborty, Nawal Kishore, Swagatika Mohanty, Shubhra Jain, Rakesh Chaudhary, Suddha R Sama, Dr. Vandana Malhotra and Baalmiki Bhattachaya will be featured, beautifully curated by Jyoti Kalra.  The collection comprises colorful representations of thoughts in varied taste and expression that will attract the viewers for a visual delight
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