In  just a few years,Gurgaon has seen tremendous development .The so called Millennium City in the NCR has started attracting many people from the neighbouring  states and that has influenced the life style and cultural growth of the place..Art being part of day to day life and a mirror of civilization can not be ignored.The endless talent in the younger generation is always demanding an appropriate exposure, away to reach the masses.Understanding the need for the same,The Art Gallery has been started at a very central place that will not only encourage the artists to exhibit their works but also play a prominent part in Art Education to teach art appreciation to a ‘Rasik’. For this inaugural show we have invited the works of various artists,some very senior and established  in their field and some who deserve to make a mark.The range of Art works is interestingly vast in painting,sculpture and photography. The response to the entries was overwhelming  and we  chose the works of thirty five artists. This being an inaugural group show,is not restricting to any linking theme or title.At the same time ,variety of styles and themes has offered a many splendored kaleidoscope of contemporary art.

I am personally thankful to my artist friends in organising this show,particularly Roop Chand and Kishore Shanker . Anshu Kaul’s prompt help  is worth appreciation.I am indeed grateful  to Archna Luthra for understanding the need for such a venture. Above all Mr Sushil Ansal for a vision for the promotion of Arts has been a source of constant encouragement to make The Art Gallery  a reality.

We at  The Art Gallery hope to give the ideal opportunities to artists to engage with the vibrant and growing art scene in India.

Goldy Malhotra

2014 January 24-2 February

2014 January 24-2 February

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