Shakti The Power

There is a verse in Sanskrit- ‘यस्य पूज्यंते नार्यस्तु तत्र रमन्ते देवता:’ – (where women are worshiped, God dwells there). But, today we see that the woman is being insulted almost everywhere. By treating her as the “thing of enjoyment”, the man is ‘using’ her, his own way.

The most sacred form of woman comes in the form of a mother. Mother is considered to be more than God, because God’s birth is also been initiated by a woman.

It is done by mother (women) to inculcate rituals in children. All of us have been listening since childhood that the mother is the first teacher. The personality of the mother has both positive and negative effects on the children. This talent should be respected.

Whole life of a woman passes walking along with the man. Her childhood passes first under the umbrella of father. Even in the father’s house, she has to do the work of the house and also continue her studies. This sequence continues till marriage.

After marriage, more and more responsibilities faced by women. After the service of husband, father-in-law, Devar-Nunad, they do not have time left for themselves. After the birth of a child, her responsibility increases even more. And the life of a common woman passes in the service of house-family, and she never gets time to think about herself.

Nowadays women are witnessing the closeness of indecency. Every day we read and see in print and electronic media that women were tampered with or gang-raped. What a shameful moral decline. There is hardly any day when there is no news on the indecency done to women.

The man with the help of this ladder (woman) has reached here, a woman should not said to be disrespectful. In Indian culture, due respect is been given to Goddesses, Durga and Lakshmi, Saraswati etc.. In the word ‘women’, we find tremendous tendencies of greatness, love, compassion, motherhood and humanity. Woman should always be respected

Now a days woman’s journey is challenging, but she has the courage to fight the challenges. Due to the strength of her self-confidence she is making a different identity in the world today. In the end, it would be right to say that we should respect every woman.

Women are made realized from childhood that they are girls and they have to be in a limited area and they can not fly high without their parents’ wish.

Before knowing about ‘Empowerment of Women’, we should understand what we understand from ’empowerment’. ‘Empowerment’ refers to the ability of a person to have a qualification in which he/she can take all decisions related to his/her own life. And in the empowerment of women, we are talking about the same capability, where women are independent of all the bonds of family and society and are the self creators of their decisions.

We can achieve women empowerment in our society only by educating masses and bringing awareness. An attitudinal shift is essential for women to be considered as equal within their homes and in broader society.

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