Solo show of artworks by contemporary Indian painter, SURBHI SONI ‘Phir Chhidi Baat Phoolon Ki’

2018 June 5-10


Surbhi Soni is a contemporary Indian painter, hailing from Jaipur, whose art derives inspiration from nature, especially flowers. She firmly advocates the pursuit of inner joy through her abstract art.

Through her flowers, Surbhi talks about the power of goodness which ties us all together, generation after generation.

There is something pristine and heartwarming about flowers. One can say anything with flowers. In India, we celebrate every festival, each wedding and all events with flowers.

She paints the red Poppies of remembrance and the white Poppies of peace in her collection titled ‘Give peace a chance’. The series voices her belief that battles aren’t necessary. Everything in life can be resolved through peaceful means.

Her series titled ‘Barahmasa’ sings ballads of different flowers that grow in the twelve months of the Hindu calendar.

Surbhi has been painting since ’97 as a serious painter and has exhibited her art throughout India and abroad in solo and group shows. She has actively participated in art camps and won several accolades for her art.

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