I did my BFA in Sculptures from College of Arts, Delhi and enjoyed the period of learning there. I started up my sculptures with metal and fiber. Later, I experimented more with metal and recreated some innovative form of scooter for instance as a Swan. Later my creativity took another dimension and I started working with metal and real bones. Using different themes and applying the versatility of different metals I worked on the human anatomy and bones with specifications as backbone, hip bone etc. I started using feathers to my metal structures to achieve a more inventive form and I feel that the use of feathers affix some liveliness to my sculptures.

An early training in sculpture and a commitment to artisanal values, has guided Lohit Sharma through successive period of experimentation. His sculptures are innovative and inventively finished. He works mostly with metal and feathers that has a fresh and lively form. His sculptures evoke mystery, beauty and agony with a unique blend of flimsiness and firmness, attained by the use of feathers to the hard metal base. He has evoked a personal language full of references to human anatomy and animal kingdom.

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