An art workshop is an important prelude to time and space and is meant for those who aspire to act and react in the frenzy of their evolved collective unconscious.
Art is an inner awakening to an experience of moulding materials and character together into a delightful entity. Chandigarh Lait Kala Akademi is committed to create all such circumstances where art lends essence to the approach and concern of man for fruitful living. The resource persons of these workshops are the young versatile artists of the city and the alumini of GCA who have the potential to inspire and acquire “the impossible” through art.
Rahul Dhiman and Manisha Bhatia are guiding the participants of Print making workshop and Sarbjeet Singh and Kulwinder Singh will inspire the participants of Painting Workshop. It is a matter of utmost pride that the participants of these workshops are not only from far off places but are also emminent artists as well.
Prof Bheem Malhotra Chairman Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi was the happiest person today to find such a tremendous response to this humble endeavor of the Akademi.
I invite all my friends and the art lovers to visit this workshop to encourage the participants with your benign presence. Ravinder Sharma
Founder and Director – Ravinder Sharma Art Academy, Chandigarh
Faculty 1996-2017 Government College of Art, Chandigarh

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