Millennial Indian Writers PAN India online Essay Contest

Words are power. Wielded thoughtfully, words and ideas have a very real potential to bring about change. But are today’s millennials able to use written words effectively? Can they communicate original ideas forcefully, and construct meaningful, informative and thought-provoking pieces of writing? 

This is to bring to your kind notice that In order to give Indian millennial’s a platform to demonstrate their critical thinking and writing skills, Takhte in partnership with the UNESCO New Delhi Cluster Office has launched the first ever pan India online essay contest for children (aged 13–15 years) and youth (aged 16–18 years).

The contest is titled ‘Millennial Indian Writers’, and the 100 winning essays will be published as a book entitled Inside the Millennial Mind: Essays by 100 Young Indians.

For more details of the contest, log on to the websites of Takhte ( and UNESCO New Delhi

The contest details are also available on Takhte, UNESCO New Delhi’s Facebook page and

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