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Kishore Shanker

Since after doing his 5 years degree in Fine Arts from Government College of Arts, Chandigarh in the year 1987-1992, Kishore Shanker quench for doing something new has always boosted his zeal to experiment in printmaking, photography and paintings. His experimentation has never intended to play with the soul of original art piece but most of the time it is a contingent result which accrued with innocent effort.
Kishore received praise from famous and renowned artists of India, for his experiments in photo-graphics and photoshop.
Besides this his diversified experience in Printing / Pre-Press, Designing, Photography for Advertising and Print, Organizing Art Exhibitions, Art Workshops and Art Competitions has add virtue to his hard work which he has put in his 30 yrs long career so far.

Artist Statement

‘Being an artist I confirm to this essence because I believe art survives in every single moment of our lives. It flows like a breeze, like water, like a thought… uninterrupted. My art works are a reflection and a visualization of my thoughts.
I am fascinated with light and try to capture that bright, illuminated spot in my photographs. In the absence of it I add it in through Photo-Graphics .My experiments in photography are a combination of digital photography along with computer graphics.
My paintings, most of the times, are a reflection of social issues like Misuse of Ultra sound as in gender determination, Global Warming, Protection of Wildlife and Human struggles for survival etc. These themes keep my humane inner self motivated & satisfied in my attempts at touching people’s hearts by awareness generation through my art works.
In my recent collection of paintings I have made use of rainbow colors, as a symbol of the beauty of nature, the way it was gifted to us.
Zodiac signs are another area of my keen interest in paintings.’

Artwork selected for 36th National Art Exhibition, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi


Photo-Graphics (Digital Art)


Art for Collection



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