An Art Abode in collaboration with SOS Children’s Villages of India open Khwabeeda- SOLO SHOW OF PAINTINGS AND WEARABLE ART MOVING INSTALLATIONS by artist Nandita Richie to public.

Khwabeeda beats to a thumping start with resounding music, the class and glam artwalk by the Divas and the Divos and the poignant dance story of the Lotus The Magic Spun by Khwabeeda – Solo Show Of Paintings And Wearable Art Moving Installations by artist Nandita Richie, curated by Neerajj Mittra, opened to a florally colourful inauguration at Gallery Art’est – An Art Abode with lamp lighting by Dr. Anirudh Lal, General Secretary, Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee, a philantrophist and youth leader & Rita Gangwani, eminent socialite and celebrity personality groomer as the eminent guests of honour. The Divas and the divos of the show too paid their tributes to the Goddess Saraswati seeking her kind blessings.
Artist Ms. Nandita Richie felicitated Mr. Anurudh lal and  Ms. Rita Gangwani was felicitated by Ms. Nandini Ghosh, Chief Mentor & Founder Gallery Art’est An Art Abode and Chairman Our Montessori House, Gurugram.
Khwabeeda the dream came to life with the astoundingly melodious musical buzz when the superbly vivacious and euphonious contemporary music created by an exceptionally multitalented, child prodigy Kabir Dev Mittra, a 12 year old, started resonating throughout the edifice of gallery Art’est- An Art Abode.
Lights, Camera and Rhythm set the ball rolling and so began the chic, classic and glam artwalk of wearable art by the five divas viz: Shilpa Taluja Model & Showstopper Couture runway week 2018, Dr. Aqsa Shaikh Medical doctor and Transgender activist, Dr. Rashi Jain eminent dentist Mrs. India 2019, Ms. Shivani Singh a multifarious fashionista and Mrs. Asia Pacific Exquisite International USA 2017 and Ms. Neena Chhabra  a very caring and loving mother of two Mrs. Delhi 2018 & Mrs. India Talented 2018, and two divos viz: Mr.Maneesh Aggarwal, a Photoartist, the chieftain Edu artist & event consultant, and Mr. Neerajj Mittra an extemporaneous artist, and visionary founder gallery Art’est –An Art Abode
Each of them the living Khwabeedas echoed and enlivened the spirit of Khwabeeda as they walked down the ramp donning the unique, limited edition wearable artworks sarees, scarves, stoles and pocket squares digitally printed with designs of the artworks on display. The colourful backdrop of floral paintings, the orante walls of the gallery, the style and the suave of these fashionistas brought wearable art to life.
As everyone present applauded to the wearable art on the ramp, the next to enchant was an spectacularly mesmerizing dance performance by Mridvika based on the story of a lotus. Through her delicate and impeccable dance moves and soulful expressions she depicted how a lotus is born into murky water, dances and blooms into the mud and then gets vanished into the same mud but throughout its life inspite of being born and surrounded by mud it retains its beauty and spreads joyful charm and happiness into the world. Mesmerised the audience soaked into the beauty of the impressionist artworks depicting lilies, bougainvillea, lavenders, amaltas, lotus in the myriad shades of acrylic on canvas.
Addressing the audience on the occasion Dr. Anurudh Lal congratulated the artist Nandita Richie, the show curator Mr. Neerajj Mittra and the divas for putting up such a show of brilliance, a true Khwabeeda. He appreciated the colourful artworks and said that like flowers bring happiness to our lives so do these lovely paintings all in pretty colours and inspired by flowers. Appreciating the talent of the artist Ms Nandita Richie he went down the memory lane sharing his long term association with the artist and how her paintings are the reflections of the beautiful human being she is.  He also praised the fact that Nandita Richie had put up the artwork for the cause of providing love, care and compassion to the children of SOS Children’s villages of India. It is notable that the show curator and founder Gallery Art’est – An Art Abode Mr. Neerajj Mittra is also the goodwill ambassador of SOS Children’s Villages of India.
Ms. Rita Gangwani, heartily appreciated the  beautiful divas for all their efforts in infusing life into the wearable art and loved the fact that as with each step a milestone toward the journey of dreams is made so with Khwabeeda, artist Nandita Richie has created a floral magic with every stroke of her brush, with every colour of her palette and with every impression of dreams on canvas creating Khwabeeda.
Wearable art brought alive, the artworks infused with dreams, the show of dreams Khwabeeda thus opened to a gala ceremony wherein the guests present were treated to hearty interactions with sumptuous snacks and beverages.
The eminent personalities who graced the  event were: Senior filmaker and photoartist Mr.Sharad Kumar Verma, with his wife Mrs Rekha Verma, photoartist Mr. Manoj Jain, noted cosmetologist and Nandita Richie’s husband Dr.Richie Gupta, Mr. Anil Rawat, school principal Our Montessori House Ms. Daisy Narang, the stellar dancer and Nandita Richie’s daughter Ms. Mridvika, stylist Ms. Rachna Singh and Mr. Swapnil Arora SOS children’s villages of India.
It’s notable that Khwabeeda was organised by Art’est –An Art Abode in collaboration with SOS children’s Villages of India, the noted non-profit organisation with the mission of ‘No Child to be left alone’.

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