Jaipur Art Summit is a five-day long event organised by Art Summit Foundation in Jaipur City, which has for last three-years showcased the creative arts across multiple mediums and formats existing in India. In its fourth edition, impetus will be given to create a synthesis of Indian and World art. This also coincides with Jaipur being identified by UNESCO as a “Creative Cultural Capital” and “World Craft City” by World Craft Council. We hope to stimulate a cultural exchange, which forms the basis for inspiring new art production and preserve & propagate the rare traditional art forms.
The theme of the festival will therefore be to inspire a new generation of artists in traditional as well as unconventional art forms. With the event we hope to create a forum, which provides an immersive experience where people are able to have direct exposure to the depth and range of art forms. We would be drawing on a variety of artistic disciplines in contemporary, fusion, folk and innovative forms influenced by the various rare and traditional arts of India to create a lively cultural ambiance through dance, music, poetry, discussion and performance in order to create a context where individuals can directly engage with art.


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