Genesis – an art exhibition showcasing the immaculate artworks of Nawal Kishore Curated by Jyoti Kalra.

Nawal Kishore, MFA from College of Art, Lucknow, is ordained to be an inimitable artist and has the splendid capability of creating entirely different epochs while depicting the most common subject matter. The approachable and easily witnessed surroundings influence his artistic vision. He is truly Indian in his depiction and is gifted to have unique contemporary approaches to art. In his artwork the enigmatic female form is presented with great sophistication, he considers women to be an Aparajita, synonymous with an angel, and epitomises Shakti. He affirmatively believes that society will face troubles and suffer downfall if women are not respected.

In his artwork, his love for nature is magnificently displayed, and the ethos is to protect the environment and conserve nature. Remarkable is his to protect the milieu and save humanity. Amazing is his use of bright colours as he believes is that they vibrate positive energy.
Nawal Kishore credentials include participating in many art camps, solos and group shows organised across pan India and also has made a name globally. His paintings speak volumes and have an elite clientele across the nation and abroad.

2018 May 6-9

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