Communication is the basis of human survival. There are several means of communication and it’s usage varies from person to person. From the time, a child is born he/she starts to communicate in their own ways. It is being said that a mother can converse with her children for hours even when the child couldn’t respond back. In a similar fashion, the artwork is like a baby to an artist. There is a cord that connects the art and artist in a way no one could understand. Showcasing the bond, I would be presenting the artworks of more than 40 artists under one roof. The exhibition is titled ‘Conversations’.
Conversation was the basis of artworks too. Art was started through conversations. When people used to live in caves, they tend to communicate with drawings. Whenever an artist creates an artwork, be it photography, installations, sculptures, drawings or any form, they communicate with it in their own way. The conversation sometimes goes on for hours and an artist creates a unique memory associated with each artwork. The exhibition, Conversation is showcasing the artworks of more than 40 artists of all age groups. We have senior artists, young and emerging talents and even kids below ten years displaying their work.”
The artworks will be displayed at Visual Art Gallery starting from November 15TH November 2019. With this exhibition, I wish to bring art and artists at the forefront. I feel that art is taking backstage now. There are only a few artists who get to recognise for their work but there are many talented artists who are not even known. Each artist creates artwork with much dedication and hard work and effort, each artwork takes considerable time and through my exhibition, I want to give exposure and platform to the unknown, unheard along with the popular ones.
I feel that every artist is special. Artwork is not just capable of holding a conversation with the artist but it can strike a conversation with a viewer. Artwork can motivate, provoke, inspire and make you think and contemplate. The work displaying at the exhibition will also strike a conversation will the viewer and made them think. Once you know that an artwork is trying to strike a conversation with you, it’s easier to fall for artworks. There was the time when artworks were the only way to spread the message. During Maurya period, art got recognition but it gained popularity in the Mughal era. Now, there are many artists who need motivation, recognition and popularity to keep going and my exhibition aims for the same.…. Kishore Labar – Curater


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