Meraki Art House by Chandni Gulati has organised another group art exhibition titled “AYAT & INAYAT” .

All the promising future artists are given an opportunity to enhance and showcase their talent to the mass.This will give the opportunity to present themselves and also learn a lot from the fellow artists…The artists are from different states and have their unique styles of portrayal through art.

Works of various genres will be displayed at the show such as – Abstracts, Landscapes, Prints, Photography, Realistic, Madhubani & Sculptures

There is no particular theme for the show, works displayed will be reflections of  the souls of the artists who created them.


Meraki Art House is not only an art exhibition, but an initiative to bring all the young and talented artists to showcase their amazing work to the world. Well, if you are not young but still have that young artist inside you, we’re for you too. All we care about is the budding artist inside you who needs to showcase their magic of colors on the canvas and make something amazing out of it. Art see no bar, and so do we. It doesn’t matter from which state you belong, what your age is, what qualifications you have, or what style of your art is. Art is secular and differentiates no one, then who we are to do so. Every person is unique and so is their art, be it paintings, sculptures, or photography. 

The seven day group art show is going to be held at the All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society, New Delhi (AIFACS) from June 8th to 14th,2018.

2018 June 8-14

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