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If India is one of the youngest nations as per number of youngsters in population, let us not ignore the number of creative young minds and hands all set to express. No wonder art galleries are mushrooming all over, particularly in the bigger cities. Many art lovers are not gallery hoppers and we feel, Art that is well presented is better enjoyed and it must reach the true 'Rasik'. Art Observer is one such step in the same direction.

In this promising year 2020, we can't ignore the younger generation and feel highly responsible to make sure that they are given the right guidance, direction and above all freedom of expression. Child Art will always be of special concern for us.

Art Observer is dedicated to the wide spectrum of visual and performing arts. Efforts have been to share and showcase aesthetically appealing creations to all the ‘Rasiks’. This journal is also a platform for the aspiring and talented artists to reveal their works and express their views.

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Volume 1, Issue 1 of Art Observer Published on 15th February 2020