As part of an ‘open studio’ project, the Gujral Foundation house at 24​, Jorbagh, New Delhi that has played host to Sonia Khurana and Raqs Media Collective, has been taken over by Delhi ​based Israeli artist, Achia Anzi. It is here that he stages his artistic interventions. He has quoted the incongruent and the surreal to create a dialogue around the changing significance of the earth in relation to mankind, as an investigation into ‘what is art and how we can re-discover its wonderment.’

The exhibition cum open studio can best be described as a laboratory of sorts where Anzi has experimented with various objects, like the kiln, the disused parking meter, an excavated gas marker and a large rectangular structure that hangs in the cent​er​ of one of the rooms, made of gobar and mitti.​
This is Achia Anzi​’​s ​third solo showing in Delhi. His first solo show – Peaceful be your Return O Lovely bird …  was at Threshold in 2012 In Jan’ 2015, Threshold opened their new space with ​his solo Exhibition -The Land of Nod.

​Achia is a visiting professor of Hebrew at JNU​ and has been living in India for the last twelve years.​

2015 December 2-27 Achia Anzi - Silent Call of the Earth1

2015 December 2-27 Achia Anzi – Silent Call of the Earth1

2015 December 2-27 (2)2015 December 2-272015 December 2-27 (3)

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