Goldy’s exhibition of paintings has  captured the Indian woman against different backdrops in different moods and emotions.The struggle and sacrifices of Indian woman have remained same from Tulsidas’s Ratnawali to girl of digital era.Artist has revealed the emotions through her distinct style of broad strokes and vivid pulsating colours.

The journey of woman to establish herself against all odds while performing her roles and ultimately proving to be a Swayamsiddha to be one with Shakti is a message for today’s generation.

The journey of artist continues in search of solace that has also exhibited the landscapes sans woman.The composition and balance in the works display a unique maturity of the artist who is an educationist,poet ,actor and has been painting for more than four decades and has twelve one- artist shows to her credit.
Goldy’s show that opens on 11th November at Lokayata Art Gallery ,Houz Khas Village will remain till 19th.

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