The month of May brings the most eagerly anticipated event every year, the 17th Collage Annual Art Carnival. About 150 youngsters are exhibiting around 400 artworks for the 17th Collage Annual Art Carnival. There will be plethora of canvases as the event provides a platform for budding artists to showcase their work.

The 17th Collage Annual Art Carnival is an initiative by the students of Delhi Collage of Art to bring back the old form of Art, which has somewhere lost its sheen. Given that today most of Indian artists are opting for modern and contemporary art, the work displayed by the students are interactive and are created with the thought to get back to the roots and preserve the old, classical traditions and culture of art.

To maintain the old classic touch, there will be paintings that use Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Charcoal, and Acrylic. The event will also have different type of surfaces and installations etc., will be available on affordable prices.

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